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CURCUMASegún el Doctor Robert Washer, oncologo de California, la CURCUMA, una conocida especie podría haber curado el cáncer de páncreas que
acabó con la vida de Steve Jobs.

Miercoles 17 de Noviembre. Marc Benson. Medical staff

Though it has the highest mortality rate of all forms of cancer, pancrea5c cancer is largely preventable and treatable through simple dietary and lifestyle changes, says Dr. Robert Wascher, MD, a surgical oncologist from California. In Pancrea5c cancer is very slow to develop, oBen taking 20 years to grow into a detectable condi5on. Once it is iden5fied, the conven5onal cancer industry typically pushes chemotherapy and radia5on treatments as a solu5on, despite the fact that both treatments are completely ineffec5ve apart from surgery. And even when surgery is involved, the cure rate remains at a dismal low five percent. “Conven5onal medical and surgical procedures obviously do not cure pancrea5c cancer for the vast majority of pa5ents,” says Wascher. “So, I think it’s reasonable to be a liNle more open-­‐minded about Learn more: hNp:// Miercoles 17 de Noviembre. Marc Benson. Medical staff In a recent interview with Newsmax Health Wascher explained how the simple act of consuming turmeric, a natural spice popular in Asian and Indian food, may be enough to prevent and cure the type of pancrea5c cancer that afflicted former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, as well as other forms. “It’s a dismal, deadly disease,” Wascher is quoted as saying to Newsmax Health. Wascher is author of the book A Cancer Preven4on Guide for the Human Race. “But like other forms of cancer, up to 65 percent can be prevented by rela5vely modest diet and lifestyle changes.”